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Keep an eye out for Mike Harris’s upcoming book, tentatively titled Border Façade. Both entertaining and informative, the illustrated paperback will explain the serious yet quixotic scenarios that describe our border’s history. Between witty narrative and entertaining illustrations, Mike sheds light on today’s most timely---and tragic---issues of border protection and immigration.

Mike Harris is a retired supervisor with the U.S. Border Patrol. Since launching his career as a border patrol “foot soldier” in 1980, he’s done more than chase zapatos crossing the Mexican border. He’s taught high-speed driving techniques to recruits in the Border Patrol’s academy in Georgia and guarded the U.S.—Canadian border from legions of cigarette-smuggling housewives, refused aspiring “au pair” domestic engineers and bootlegging teens admission into the US.

Returning to San Diego after years on the front lines in beautiful Montreal, Mike devoted himself to Intelligence, honing his skills in fact collecting and schmoozing with Mexican law enforcement. But his most memorable stories spring from years of uniformed field work, patrolling the border on a bicycle and ATV, by jeep and by truck. After several decades as an athletic field agent, Mike finalized his career as a supervisor, instructing newer, greener agents in the art of compassionate border protection.

Your guide is intimately familiar with the territory. He knows people on both sides of the fence as well as the terrain and its ecosystems. Since retirement he’s committed to sharing with the public his knowledge of the geo-political reality of this unique environment.

Mike Harris, owner/operator
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